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The Suzuki Inazuma GW250 (or GSR250 if you live in Japan), retails for approximately $3800-$3999 USD.

Inazuma means lightning or lightning in a thunder storm. Suzuki says that it generates lightning fast low end and mid range power from its 248cc liquid cooled light weight two cylinder engine, and it does a great job at getting the bike up to speed producing 26 HP @ 8500 RPM and 22 nm of Torque @ 7000 RPM.

The name Inazuma expands on Suzuki's love for extreme weather as their 125 and 150 street bike is name Thunder. Together the Thunder and the Inazuma produce the perfect storm. Although the Thunder is not the only brother the Inazuma has. As the Thunder is the younger small brother, the Suzuki B-King is the older bigger brother.

The GW250 is nick-named the Baby-King and Mini-B-King in reference to it being stylized after the B-Kings design. The B-Kings inspiration is noticeable on the front signal lights, headlights, and dash display along with the general look of the bike and the dual exhausts although the dual exhausts may have gotten some inspiration from the Honda CB-125T in China.

The GW250 is a fairly heavy 250cc class bike, yet it is small and light enough that it is easy to move it about. It is good on gas, getting about 350+ km per fill up and the bike weighs 183 kg or 403 pounds with a full tank of gasoline.

Some features include electronic fuel injection, 6 speed transmission, non-adjustable front suspension and adjustable swing-arm rear suspension, disc breaks on both the front and rear wheels, the tires are 110 on the front and 140 on the rear. Suzuki calls the black version Pearl Nebular Black. It is available in different colors depending on the country that it is sold in. Some of the other colors that it is available in are red, blue and silver or grey.

One special feature that the GW250 Inazuma has which other bikes in its class are without are the shifting indicators. A white light can be set to come up for highway or city driving, giving the rider an indicator to up-shift at either 8000 or 4500 RPM.

2013 Suzuki GW250 Specs:

Engine: Liquid-cooled SOHC Parallel Twin

Displacement: 248cc

Bore x Stroke: 53.5 x 55.2mm

Compression: 11.5:1

Fueling: EFI

Transmission: Six-speed

Front Suspension: conventional fork

Rear Suspension: adjustable swing-arm

Rake/Trail: 26 degrees/4.1 inches

Front Brake: Single disc

Rear Brake: Single disc

Tires: 110/80-17, 140/70-17

Wheelbase: 56.3 inches

Seat height: 30.7 inches

Curb weight: 401 pounds

Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.5 gallons

Top Speed: 154 kmph as seen on YouTube (approx 150 kmph on a good day and road)
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